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Beeswax paper wraps

Beeswax Wraps & Eco-Products

Making Eco-Living Easy

We’re famous for our high-quality, reusable beeswax wraps that replace plastic wrap, as well as for our innovative, eco products.

We help you store food, wash clothes, clean your teeth and go shopping, all plastic-free. Get the sustainable buzz knowing you’re doing the right thing by our beautiful planet!

Want to make your kitchen more eco-friendly? Avoid waste and kick plastic containers and non-recyclable Saran wrap to the curb by storing leftovers in one of our beautiful, organic cotton beeswax food wraps. If you’re feeling creative, you can even make your own DIY beeswax wraps for leftovers and lunches using our DIY kits.

Browse our range of colorful beeswax wraps, waxed reusable food bags and DIY kits and help the planet, one wrap at a time.

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